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This course examines how the Ottoman Empire governed and organized its subjects, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, of various ethnic backgrounds. It explores the relations among these communities and their interactions with the state, raising questions about tolerance, co-existence, conflict, loyalty, and identity. By looking into a selection of topics from the wide territorial span of the Ottoman Empire the course seeks to provide insights into the organization, functioning, and transformation of a multi-confessional state and society in the premodern and modern eras. What happens to the shariʿa when it is applied by modern nation-states? This course introduces students to the way states, with Muslim majorities and minorities, from Canada to Malaysia, passing by Nigeria, Palestine, Iran, and Pakistan approach, accommodate, or apply Islamic law. We also discuss the way Muslims, lay and scholarly, talk about, practice, and follow Islamic law under modern states.

  • Our system could also form the basis of many other automated talk-based interventions.
  • In his will, Mr. Levy also provided the funds that created the museum’s Levy Bequest Purchase Program that continues to acquire new works for the McMaster Museum of Art’s Herman H. Levy Collection.
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  • Once established, this system will be used to investigate the effects of high and low dose radiation on various cell types and in vitro tumour cell and patient-derived systems.
  • In 1988, he received the McMaster Alumni Association’s Distinguished Service Award.

The gift will fund a four-year project involving two teams of family health providers – one in Toronto and one in Hamilton. The teams will develop and then test treatments for patients who are at risk of developing depression – which can be a precursor to dementia. “It really helps to have that daily dose of friendliness,” says Marginean, who now works in Hamilton in the mental health field. “It made me think how important this kind of thing is for students’ mental health.” So, last fall she set up a GoFundMe campaign to thank him. Emphasis is on close reading and analysis of the linguistic and literary content and style of these works, and discussion of their historical and cultural backgrounds.

Takes a critical approach to the ways we read texts and reconstruct beliefs. A comprehensive survey of the origins of complex societies, urbanism and early states in Mesopotamia from the beginning of the Neolithic period to the end of the Achaemenid Empire. While focusing geographically on the archaeology and material culture of Iraq this course will also address sites and related archaeological materials from western Iran, eastern Syria, and south-eastern Turkey. Survey of various literary genres from works produced by Armenian, Coptic, Maronite, Melkite, and Syriac authors between the 3rd and the 19th centuries CE. Genres include theology in poetry, biblical commentaries, historiography and chronicles, hagiography, songs and epics, apologetics, and travel accounts.

NMC266H1 - Archaeologies of Power

The implementation of this intervention will be studied in a clinical setting in terms of its effect on the speed of post-trauma recovery of full pain-free range of motion. Additionally, the patient satisfaction as well as perceived autonomy with regards to one's own health will be assessed. We will form a small interdisciplinary team, adapting methodological expertise from the field of biostatistics to this cosmological `crisis'. Biostatistics and cosmology are both tasked with drawing robust conclusions from available data but differ in their goals and methods. Bringing together experts in these disparate fields offers a fresh perspective on an important problem.

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This is achieved through analysis of texts covering a wide range of genres. By the end of the course, students are expected to achieve advanced level of proficiency. Introduces the student to the last stage of the Egyptian language, written mostly in Greek characters. The course will first concentrate on the grammar of the language and go on to read short texts. Examines current theoretical and methodological trends in the study of the Near/Middle East. A seminar course, it consists of presentations, discussions, lectures, guest speakers, and documentaries.


Poems by women of this early generation vividly reveal both anger and hopes for the future. Memories of a Persian Childhood helps us to appreciate the important role of the family and childhood experience in the lives and ambitions of the first generation of Persian women to be unveiled and have access to a modern education. Both the Course Readings and Seminar Discussions are crucial to this course for exploring Persian women as individuals who grappled with the challenge of government initiatives and social conservatism. These courses are designed to introduce students to the ez coin ranking major civilizations and cultures of the Near and Middle East—ancient, medieval, and modern—and to present students with the range of possibilities for further study in their chosen area of interest. These courses provide an opportunity for students to improve their writing skills under the supervision of the Writing Integrated Teaching program of the Faculty of Arts & Science. Students pursuing any one of the NMC Specialist Programs are required to take two of these Gateway courses, whereas students opting to do any one of the Major Programs are required to take only one.

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Player at the gaming device an indication of a set of digits dialed. Games simultaneously, with different display screens showing different games. Display device and the number of players who possess wireless display devices. May then be used to identify users of gaming devices that meet the criteria. Gaming related activities using a terminal with multiple display screens.

At present, AD is first identified based on clinical signs such as progressive memory loss. The diagnosis is then confirmed by a positron emission tomography scan - an expensive medical imaging technique. Alternatively, lumbar puncture, an uncomfortable procedure, can also sample the biomarkers of these proteins. To this end, the short-term objective of the proposed research is to combine AI and the TCM to develop a minimally invasive technique to promote precision medicine in AD. In this proposal, we will improve and use the TCM to rapidly and simultaneously measure the concentration of multiple biomarkers in the patients' samples .

Seminar focuses on the social and cultural development of Egypt from the Middle Kingdom through the Ptolemaic Period, engaging with major theories regarding urbanism, ethnicity, core-periphery relationships, cultural interaction, and social organization. An independent research project and hands-on experience with artifacts at the ROM are important features of the course. Seminar focuses on the social and cultural development of Egypt from the Predynastic Period through the Middle Kingdom, engaging with major theories regarding social complexity, state formation, https://cryptolisting.org/ urbanism, social organization, and regionalism. The cultures of the Horn of Africa and South West Arabia, separated by the Red Sea, have long been intertwined. This course explores the history and archaeology from the emergence of the hominids in Ethiopia, to the rise of the Sabean and Axumite kingdoms, until the Middle Ages, highlighting their interactions and the roles they played in the development of their respected cultures. This highly visual course explores the history of cartography in the Ottoman World between the 15th and 20th centuries.

The year was 1968 and Basanti Majumdar learned she had been accepted to Columbia University on a scholarship. But she wouldn’t receive the funds until she arrived in New York — and to get there she needed a plane ticket from Delhi. It all began with a plane ticket and the kindness of a stranger. Basanti Majumdar, professor emerita in Mac’s School of Nursing and Faculty of Social Sciences, is paying it forward to support student travel bursaries for generations to come. An advanced language seminar organized around grammatical issues or texts selected by the instructor. NML370Y1 or permission of instructor based on previous language knowledge.

If successful, the platform will be an essential tool for integrating quantitative and qualitative research and potentially a tremendous asset in clinical decision support that accounts for the entirety of the patient's needs. The significance of the platform for addressing the societal challenges of dementia is evident. Beyond that, the multiscale approach can be extended to other biological and social applications where dynamical systems interact. To this end, the PIs will develop and apply this multi-modal approach to AD patients. AD is the most frequent age-related dementia characterized by a progressive accumulation of protein aggregates and neurodegeneration. Over 747,000 Canadians and 44 million people worldwide are living with AD or another dementia, making the disease a global health crisis.

NMC102H1 - Heartland of Ancient Empires

Following an overview of the Safavid revolution and the empire it created (1501–1722), we examine the political upheavals experienced in post-Safavid Iran throughout the 18th century that culminated in the rise of the Qajar polity. We then focus on the events leading up to and including the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the making of the Islamic Republic. The course concludes with an exploration of society and culture in contemporary Iran. The archaeology of Syria-Palestine from prehistoric times until the end of the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1200 BCE), with a special emphasis on the development of complex society, and inter-relations with the neighboring regions of Egypt and Syro-Mesopotamia. Attention will also be given to the history of archaeological research in the region, current field techniques and methods of archaeological analysis, and the relationship between archaeological evidence and contemporary written records, including the Hebrew Bible. This course explores some of the world’s oldest literature, including the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Babylonian Epic of Creation.

Wilson Institute for Canadian History, ultimately allowing more Canadians to learn new stories about their past, says Wilson, a graduate, recipient of an honorary doctorate and former chancellor of McMaster. His philanthropy has included major contributions to the liberal arts at McMaster and to the study of history in Canada. Opened in September 2010, the Ron Joyce Centre is the product of a partnership between McMaster, the City of Burlington and Halton Region. The centre’s location and easy highway access allows it to serve students and business clients in the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe. Ron Joyce ’98 is the former police officer who famously co-founded the iconic Tim Hortons company. In 2005, he made the largest donation in history to a Canadian university athletics department when he gave $10 million to help fund the construction of what is now Ron Joyce Stadium.

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Future expansion of the project can include additional orthopedic issues including full upper extremity or lower extremity rehabilitation. Funding from this application will allow us to build a database of cases, to have a baseline range of motion from a healthy population across all demographics (age 5-80, equal representation of sex). Similar measurements will be taken on patients with hand pathologies such as trauma, arthritis, and congenital anomalies. We will refine our AR application based on results, and work on offering a more comprehensive platform. We will use early prototypes to co-create a framework for "designing for subversion" for youth, co-created with teen groups recruited by snowballing and maintained in longitudinal partnerships through workshops and social media clusters. Most existing models are inherently incapable of explaining opinion polarization, mainly due to a lack of insights into the fundamental aspects of human psychology and social behavior.

Evaluation of plasma seed treatment on SNF, seed protein production, protein quality, and functionality in pulses under cold and drought stresses. Robots that have some level of intelligence and provide physical guidance or assistance for better task execution to surgeons. Establish a method to culture bacteria from tumours in engineered tumours in a dish to study the interactions between bacteria and tumour cells. Establish a tissue-engineered based method to create hundreds of unique bacterial communities in a dish and quantify the resulting properties of each community. TS-Apt will become a novel class of anti-cancer drugs which selectively increase tumor suppressor p16 expression by inhibiting DNMT at the p16 gene using a single oligonucleotide.

NMC315H1 - The Structure of Arabic Language

The history of asceticism and mysticism in the Islamic tradition, with particular attention to the formative period as well as the breadth and diversity of Sufism across the Islamic world, from West Africa and Spain, to the Balkans and Central Asia, to China and Southeast Asia. We begin with the origins of the piety movement in early Islam, and the ways in which it responded to late antique Christian monasticism. Major figures for discussion include Rabi'a, Junayd, Hallaj, Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, and Rumi. This course introduces students to the culture of ancient Egypt through the study of “functional” textual materials.

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