The rise of Ethereum Name Service Domains and how to buy one

You can use your ENS with DNS names that you might already own. ENS supports most DNS names including .com, .org, .app, .io, .xyz, and .art. ENS.visionWhen you notice someone with “.eth” in their username, you instantly know they are a part of the web3 ecosystem. Furthermore, everything you do on web3 is done via your wallet. Buying, selling, trading, and interacting with decentralized applications can only be achieved through your web3 wallet. This is one of the main differences between DNS and ENS.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Of course, there are many things to take into consideration before you buy your own ENS domain. But for $5 per year, I think it’s more than worth owning one. That said, if you take the proper steps to secure your asset, there are minimal safety concerns when it comes to ENS domains. Moreover, ENS domains are affordable for most people considering you can own one for as little as $5 per year.

This means your domain is resistant to censorship and remains in your control. But, if your wallet is compromised your domain is at risk. ENS domain names may represent the future of web 3.0 for website owners. Today, you can use a .ETH domain name for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. They’re also a way of claiming an identity online and for managing your NFTs.

  • At the very least, fact remains that the Ethereum Name Service is one of the earliest NFTs ever minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Learn about the advantages of this secure storage option, plus the disadvantages to keep in mind in this guide.
  • It can turn into your wallet, your bank account, your ID , and of course, also point to all kinds of records you want to point people to.
  • To make it work to receive crypto, head to your address on the ens app and click on add/edit records.
  • Search our categories to find the ideal name, whether it be for personal or commercial use.

Typically, you usually paste in an Ethereum address to view transactions and holdings. But if I paste in an Ethereum Name Service address, I can see all of the transactions on a particular wallet too. Your wallet will open and require you to confirm the first of two transactions. Once verified, there is a 1 min waiting period to ensure no other person tries to register the name simultaneously. After that, your wallet will re-open, and you can confirm the second transaction to finalize your domain registration. After a few uses, I suspect that more savvy crypto-users tend not to check the full address anymore, but just the first four and last four characters.

If the domain name is available, the purchase can be made using ETH tokens. To register, connect your wallet — the website will ping you to do so if you haven't already when you click to register. SourceThe best way to learn is trial-error, so let's get an ENS domain. As soon as located, you're connected, and the website opens.

Decentralised naming for wallets, websites, & more.

That may explain why the ENS domain name service airdropped thousands of dollars in free tokens into the wallets of early adopters last year. You'd have to remember an IP address and enter it to connect to a website in the early days. Intelligent developers came up with domain names to make the internet more usable and help people find what they're looking for. For example, using my primary ENS domain “alexgomez.eth”, I can create individual subdomains like “nft.alexgomez.eth” or “dao.alexgomez.eth”. So, rather than sending crypto to my wallet address “0x5d6535d5dd5d187a4770cfae7c899a7f8a32163c”, you can simply input my ENS, “alexgomez.eth”.

As long as Ethereum remains in good standing and ENS continues to innovate, the concoction could lead to the overall longevity of ENS. That’s why the New England Patriots bought “Patriots.eth” for $99,000. For example, the ENS name “Paradigm.eth” (originally purchased for $5.62) sold for $1.5 million How To Set Up Cryptocurrency Exchange one year after its initial purchase. An ENS domain name isn’t meant as a top-level domain system either. If you paste an ENS domain into Google Chrome, it will have trouble resolving it unless you add HTTPS. Below, I explain what web 3.0 content creators and publishers can do with an ENS domain.

If the name you're looking at is available, you can register it. Note that you'll never be listed as "owner" on ENS.domains, as you effectively lease out the address. Any device that connects to it gets a unique IP address similar to the address you live in that enables others to find you. With the difference that street names can be used frequently across cities, whereas IP addresses are genuinely unique.

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And scroll down to see the video accompanying this post. Discover what are ENS domains, if you should buy one and how you can use them. Make sure to switch to Ethereum mainnet for smoother connectivity. Once done, just type in the desirable domain name and check the availability.

Associating an avatar with an ENS domain name is particularly useful. Essentially, this step links a verified picture-for-profile NFT that you own with an ENS address. Your avatar then appears on OpenSea and other web 3.0 properties. You don’t need to know the IP address of a website it, that’s what a memorable .com name is for. ENS domains are a blockchain version whereby you can use an ENS name instead of a complicated string of characters and letters. And are they a replacement for a traditional .com domain name?

Learn how they relate to existing website domains, how they’re evolving, and the formula we use to assess every name we buy. Whether you’re looking for a name, a place, an occupation, or a fictional character, we’ve got you covered. Search our categories to find the ideal name, whether it be for personal or commercial use.

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If you visit for the first time or always clean your cache, the address is sent to your local DNS server . Suppose the local DNS server has the records, excellent. The first thing I did after that news broke was, searching how much other beverage ENS addresses would cost.

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Building a web 3.0 website doesn’t translate into organic search traffic either. I created my Mirror account and linked my publication to my ENS address. This DeSo platform then added this domain URL to my publication. However, there’s a big caveat to web 3.0 blogging and publishing.

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When going to a website, all we do is enter its domain name in our browser, and voila. But in the backend, the Domain Name System is hard at work. You're supposed to put all your social media icons in this section, but we're only on Twitter, so we've included it five times. Ethereum 2.0 is on the verge of launching (it’s slated to happen in late 2020). Read our in-depth guide to valuing Ethereum Domain Names.

You could also sell subdomains on a secondary marketplace. I’m a member of the Cyberkongz NFT community and the project plans on selling .Kongs ENS subdomains with its NFTS. ENS domains are registered using the ER-721 standard. You can store, transfer, and trade them in the same way. You can also these non-fungible tokens as a type of investment. If you have been in crypto for a bit, you will find it very easy to get your .eth address.

What is DNS?

Buying an ENS domain is not the same as buying into an NFT project. By visiting your ENS account, you can easily link your ENS domain to your traditional domain. This is important, especially as web3 becomes more prevalent in society. So, if you want to become part of a large community, Sec Seeks Trial Of Swedish National Over Alleged Fraud That Took $3 5m In Crypto are a great way to get involved. That’s why only a very niche group of domains sell for such large sums of money.

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Since every ENS domain is an NFT, they are all censorship resistant. That means you maintain complete control over your ENS domain. No entity can access your domain to modify it or take it over. This makes it much easier to send and receive crypto to and from your wallet. They also have several other technical use cases too. For example, many developers and project owners use ENS domain names to build decentralized applications and websites.


Spend any time in Discord communities or on Twitter, and you’ll quickly come across people using NFTs as picture-for-profiles. Many add their .eth or How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash In The Uk in their handle or bio to build their avatar’s credibility. A .eth domain is a way of creating a pseudonym or online person. You can accumulate a reputation and grow a following around this online avatar while maintaining your privacy. Associating a picture-for-profile NFT with an ENS domain fuels this process.

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